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Chiquita Cheatham
Mkt 260
September 10, 2014
Case 1 A&F

1. J. Crew's target market is men and women who are working professionals and are upper middle class individuals. Their customers want the Ralph Lauren Collection look at a lower price point with a more modern fashion forward style. Banana Republic Target market is the 25-35 age groups; Banana Republic caters to a segment looking for premium products willing to pay a premium price. A&F target market are males and females between the ages of 14 and 20 years old, clothing that allows them to be comfortable and casual while still looking stylish and trendy and maintaining a sense of a luxurious lifestyle. I truly believe that I would not change the strategies of these companies because they all share the same goal, to capture the teens and young adult’s attention by putting fashion eye candy advertisements and catalogs to the table to bring the sales in.
2. Department stores should be directly focused on the younger population due to the older generation already being loyal customers with the preference to shop at the stores already. My generation would much rather go to stores like Citi Trends or Metro Fashion because of the prices, department stores often have higher prices so if they would target the younger crowd by lowering their prices or giving out big discounts will drive the younger generation into the storefront or online which will in turn make them want to shop there.
5. The advantage of Abercrombie…