Mgt 330 Final Essay

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The Five Functions of Effective Management
Lolita Davis
MGT330: Management for Organizations
Instructor: Sangita Patel

November 5, 2012

The Renacer Westside Community Development Corporation is a 501 © 3 not for profit community based organization. Renacer has been in existence since June, 1995. Renacer’s mission is to improve the quality of life for undeserved citizens in the Chicago area. The focus of this paper is to demonstrate how the five functions of effective management are implemented in the day to day operation of the organization.
The services Renacer provides are as follows:

Job Placement

• Computer Training • Economic Development • Housing
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Specialists in personnel management have a wide range of responsibilities. They interview, test, and recommend applicants to fill job openings. They organize recruiting campaigns and travel to high schools and colleges to search for promising applicants. These managers develop pay scales, systems for evaluating employee performance, and training programs to teach workers and managers new skills. They administer employee benefits, such as health insurance, life insurance, and pensions. They offer counseling to help employees solve personal or work-related problems. Personnel managers may also supervise affirmative-action plans, including special recruiting and training programs for women and minority groups (Mills, 2011). Leading in a business context, consists of all activities undertaken to help people achieve the highest level of performance. Leadership is influencing behaviors in organizations. Note that effective leaders influence behaviors in positive ways. Ineffective leaders also influence behavior, but do not achieve desirable results (Reilly, Minnick & Baack, 2011). Since Renacer was initially a volunteer organization, as Executive Director, I motivated the staff by appealing to their sense of duty and contribution to the greater good. I appealed to their sense of public service by helping those less fortunate than themselves and impressing that we were uplifting the