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Behavioral Change Contract Dee Strbiak BSHS 312

The purpose of this paper is to select a goal that I would like to change. After I have selected a goal I will turn that goal into a target that needs to be changed. I’ve been will monitor the results, process, and realistic time frame in which I can accomplish the goals that I set out to achieve for myself. The problem
After a recent doctors visit my physician conveyed to me that I was overweight, and it would be in my best interest to change my eating habits. The doctor also informed me that I was at high risk of developing high blood pressure diabetes and possibly even heart disease due to my being overweight. My doctor is basing these facts on his knowledge of my family’s history which puts me at an even higher risk. My physician will wants me to lose weight which will lower my body mass index (BMI).

Goal to changes
The reason behind me selecting this goal is I want to live a long and healthy life if it is in Gods will for me, I would also like to reduce my risk of meeting my demise due to being overweight. According to my BMI I am not considered obese however it does state that I am over weight. Now that I am aware of this information it is important that I change my eating habits and work out four to five days a week, so I can burn more calories as well as reduce my calorie intake. Another thing I need to change is to stop eating late at night. It is essential for me to get my weight under control because I have seen the consequences of being overweight amongst some of my peers and family members as well. This is goal is prudent to me because I would like to avoid high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and death for as long as I can. Target behavior
My main focus and target will be Diet and exercise. I will enroll into a weight loss prevention program that will allow me to work out at least four to five times a week with a professional trainer. I will then reduce my calorie intake form 2500 to 1500 calories a day.
Monitoring Process, Technique you will use
I will keep a daily log of the calories I consume along with the food I have eating in order to monitor my process. I will also have a data sheet to keep track of the amount of calories I burn in every workout session. I will get weighed in weekly while attending the program so I will know how I am loosing or not. I will follow all exercise and diet plans given to me by my trainer so I can maximize the effects. At the end of every week I will check my results and progress. I will then use the data gathered as my motivation to continue on with my goal. Time Frame
The time frame I have set is based on the