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Business Sustainability Assessment Worksheet: California R&D

Use this worksheet to conduct a sustainability audit of Riordan Manufacturing, a virtual plastic injection molding company. Fill in all necessary information. Production stages that do not occur at this plant are marked as N/A.

Section 1: General Information

Company: Riordan Manufacturing, San Jose, California
Products: Assorted plastic products and testing new product designs and production

Section 2: Production

For each production stage, list input materials such as raw materials or output from previous stages, and output materials such as products, byproducts, wastes, or pollutants. Describe the process used at each stage and identify the least sustainable
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Spent cleaners and mold release agents that |
|4. Solvent cleaners | |may create air pollution from volatile organic |
|5. Mold release agents | |compound emissions, managed as hazardous waste |
|6. Electricity | |3. Off-spec products, used purge materials, and|
| | |scrap plastic managed as solid waste |
| | |4. Spilled raw materials that may create land |
| | |and water pollution |
| | |5. Used oils managed as industrial waste |
| | |6. Spent cleaners and mold release agents |
| | |managed as hazardous waste |