Essay on Mgt 415 Week 3 Assignment

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Week Three Assignment
David C. Franklin
MGT 415
Prof. Connie Warner
March 24, 2014

We all know that a company that can build trust and bring about a rewarding atmosphere of personal appreciation and contribution will develop workplace norms and behaviors that bring outstanding performance from its personnel. Of the companies on our list the ones chose to research were CHG Healthcare, Wegmans Food Markets and Google. All three of these organizations caught my attention for number reasons, but what got my attention the most and really made me choose them was how they value their employee’s and strive to satisfy their needs. Most of us strive provide the best way of life possible for our families. When searching for employment people
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The vast majority of the employees who work there have had nothing but the upmost praise about the company. To show just how much they want to motivate their employees and create closer group cohesion, the company gives them variety of discounts and activities outside of work bring everyone closer.
Along with discounts and after work activities like barbeque the company also helps provide lower membership at fitness clubs and other participating area at stores. They also can participate in volleyball and/or softball that run year round. These activities build group cohesion and give the employees the opportunity to become closer outside of work; they can even get their families involved. Every time a child comes in they great the family at the door and give them a balloon and stickers which makes each customer feel appreciated. Wegmans also offers discounts to family members to the movies, education, sporting events, and vehicle services. “This enhances commitment, and loyalty from the employees in which ties in with the maximum theory that suggests that recognize behaviors for persons seeking membership in a group, and a person's strong desire to maintain membership in the group.” (Losh, 2011) “Other evidence of employee motivation, rather than hiring experience, and expensive truck drivers, Wegmans allowed current store employees to apply for those positions when the company opened a new $100 million distribution center in Pennsylvania.” (Wegmans Picks