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Steve jobs is one of the greatest CEO’s in history, Job’s achievements was vaulting Apple to world leadership not just once, but twice (Huff Post). When Jobs returned in 1997 the company was struggling to survival, but Jobs was able to radically transform the company to a new direction. When you think of Steve Jobs you think of the I phone or the I pod everyone believed he was the face of Apple. When Steve Jobs died everyone in the business world was watching to see what Apple would do next. Tim Cooks is a 14-year veteran of the company, he is not new to the apple corporate culture.
Mr. Cook had to find a way to get shareholders on board again so he split the stock, increased the dividend and engineered a $90 billion buyback these steps t helped shares rebound almost entirely (Minh Uong). Tim Cooks has been inducing products to China which in return it will be a huge market and strengthen the company in the long run. Cooks spent 3 billion to but Beats which that will make
He has taken other steps to strengthen the company, like pushing Apple products into China, a potentially huge market, and acquiring talent, most recently spending $3 billion to buy Beats that brings Apple two major music-industry shakers and deal makers, Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine ( Minh Uong). According to the New York Times ‘Mr. Cook is trying to broaden Apple’s brand, too, taking to Twitter and other public venues to express support for environmentalism and gay rights (and for Auburn University football)” (Minh Uong).
Tim Cook has opened the door with his investors where Steve Jobs didn’t allow to make communication, in order for lasting changing we all know there has to be consent communication on all sides. Tim Cook’s had to take over the company as his own man he could not run the company as what Steve would do there is always room for change in any company. According to Fortune, ‘’the company’s…