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Module 1 Case Study MKT 501: Consumer Behavior: Segmentation and Targeting Professor Dr. Gordon Leichter
May 14, 2012

The assignment reviews industry practices which involve segmentation, targeting and positioning. I will attempt to explain these three consumer behaviors below. The airline industry will use the above mentioned practices in order to enhance and or improve marketing strategies. In order for this to take place and marketing analyst must develop techniques to observe consumer behavior by analyzing segmenting, targeting and positioning for airline industry
Identify Key External Factors That Affect the Passenger Airline Industry
To explain how the key external factors affect the
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These target markets are identical when viewing people and their societal differences when it comes to background and exposure. (Anonymous, n.d.)
Contrast Jet Blue vs. Southwest Airlines |
In an article by Chris Woodyard in USA Today, he outlined several contracts between JetBlue at Southwest Airlines. Below are a few of the documented differences between the two. I will focus on the listed issues that I seem to face when traveling.
Ticket counter and gate: Southwest has installed enough self-serve check-in machines at Los Angeles International to hold down the wait time in the ticket counter line. The ticket counter is usually well staffed, so lines move quickly. JetBlue ticket counter only took three minutes to check my bag.
Boarding: Southwest's open-seating policy encourages passengers to get aboard faster to claim an aisle or window. JetBlue has bigger planes, 156-seat Airbus A-320s, but they are often boarded from both ends. Passengers get aboard faster.
Cleanliness: Both airlines have leather seats. The Southwest jet had the older brown interior, which is being replaced by new blue interiors on the entire fleet. There were ink scribbles on the headrest in front of my seat. The JetBlue interior was spotless. The average age of a JetBlue plane is 20 months. Southwest's average fleet age is about 8 years.
Cabin crew: Southwest's flight