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University of Phoenix Material

Organizational Planning Worksheet

Complete each section below. Be sure to cite your sources when necessary.

1. Fortune 500 Company name

The Walt Disney Company

2. The company’s internal and external stakeholders

Internal stakeholder’s
External stakeholder’s

According to "External Stakeholder Engagement" (n.d), stakeholders include non-governmental organizations (NGOs), multi-stakeholder initiatives (MSIs), labor unions, peer companies, multi-lateral institutions, government agencies, socially responsible investors, industry associations and others.

3. Company’s mission and vision

Company’s mission

According to "Walt Disney Company's Mission Statement And Vision: Formula For Success" (2013), "The mission of The Walt Disney Company is to be one of the world's leading producers and providers of entertainment and information”(Walt Disney Company Mission Statement).

Company’s vision

According to "Walt Disney Company’s Mission Statement And Vision: Formula For Success" (2013), “Keep their customer’s happy” (The Walt Disney Vision).

4. Company goals

At least one company goal that can be accomplished through a strategic plan

According to "2012 Disney CitizenshipPerformance Summary " (2012), “Recognize kids who make positive contributions to their environment or communities” (Performance Detail ).

At least one company goal that can be accomplished through an operational plan

According to "2012 Disney Citizenship Performance Summary " (2012), “Reflect a diversity of cultures and backgrounds in our entertainment experiences for kids and families” (Performance Detail ).

5. SWOT analysis

According to University of Phoenix The Walt Disney Company SWOT Analysis (2015)

Extensive customer reach of Walt Disney’s cable networks
Overdependence on North America
Market positioning through a