MGT 701 Final Refelction Paper

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Final Reflection Paper – MGT 701
Roshitha Warnakula
University of Mary

Mgt 701
Dr. Sarah Dixon Hackey
December 19, 2014 The past two months marked the final two months of my MBA and therefore, the last two months marked a very intense yet a special two months. BSG simulation was perhaps the most interesting class from all the courses I have completed so far; as it was the only class where I was able to able to practically apply what I had learned and the fact that it was a group process made it even more interesting. It wouldn’t be true if I were to say that I was very optimistic from the very beginning about the group effort that my team and I were to carry over the weeks. The fact that we weren’t performing well during the first few weeks along with other technical difficulties made me even more skeptical about the group potential and our performance in the simulation. My team mates and I are extremely pleased about our performance and are very grateful that we were able to top the game. However, it important to reflect on the fact that it was meticulous planning and strategy execution that made us the winners of the simulation and that it was not a result of chance. I believe that understanding this is one the most important lessons learned from MGT 701 apart from the theoretical knowledge learned from the textbook. Part of the success could surely be attributed to the fact that the members of the group E had developed and perfected a certain