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Wal-Mart is the largest retailer in the world. Their approach and strategies have been proven to be a success. Wal-Mart pride’s itself in offering a “great value at a low cost”. Its low cost strategy has allowed Wal-Mart to stay one step ahead of its competitor. Most recently Wal-Mart has made a decision against one if its competitor, Amazon to no longer carry its Kindle devices. The Amazon Kindle began as just an eReader which allows people to download books and read them from the Kindle. The original Kindle screen is black and white which allows it to appear much like the pages of a book. Since the original Kindle Amazon has upgraded the Kindle to the Kindle fire which converted it to a tablet much like Apples IPad. Kindle Fire can be used for e-books, movies, games, and potentially anything Amazon sells, because of its built-in Web browser. By allowing Amazon to sell it’s Kindle in Wal-Mart stores, it gives Amazon another route to appealing to its customers. Many believe that by selling Kindles, Wal-Mart was “encouraging its customers to step into that ecosystem.” Wal-Mart ideally was feeding the passion that customer already have for the online sales leader. Wal-Mart’s decision to discontinue the sales of all Amazon eReaders and tablet was confirmed in September 2012. After all the stock is gone the Kindles will not be sold through any of Wal-Mart’s sales avenue include, or Sam’s Club. During the decision processing Wal-Mart had to consider the costs…