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Title: “Unequal Pay for Equal Work”: Why Women Still Lag Behind After the 50th Anniversary of the U.S. Equal Pay Act
Authors: Kurt Stanberry and Forrest Aven
Source: Compensation & Benefits Review 2013

This article discusses, through extensive research and observed evidence that gender-based compensation inequalities to this day, still exist. It is confirmed through an analysis collected by the authors of this article. This article shows that women workers are paid less than men even when holding throughout the article. There appears to be grounds to conclude that the difference in pay cannot be totally and acceptably explained by factors like education and experience. These inequalities in pay, whether continued paycheck inequality proves intentional discrimination remains uncertain. In order to address the problem, corrective action is recommended in the form of the article of a new law and expansion of common law.
The article recounts results from a survey that shows the difference of compensation between men and women within the same industry. The men and women have the same job responsibilities, education level and experience. In 1990, there is a compensation gap of 13,000 and it goes up every year. The survey ends in the year 2010 and the pay gap is almost 31,000. What I don't understand is why the pay gap is increasing every year, 50 years after the Equal Pay Act. I believe because so many other acts and laws are being made, the pay gap should decrease and in a few more years from now, there shouldn't be a gap. These days’ women have more opportunity for education and to gain experience that there shouldn’t be a difference if a person is male or female. “These results demonstrate that the problem of compensation inequity continues to be present even when the length of experience and educational levels are controlled.” This quote only enforces my thoughts. The article was all about facts and from what I read; I concluded there should be no reason for the gap.
I believe that there is still a pay gap between men and women. I feel like many argue that it’s entirely due to “choices” women make to sacrifice career for family or to avoid higher-risk jobs because they can’t handle the extra work load. “For example, some experts said that some women trade off career advancement or higher earnings for a job that offers flexibility to manage work and family responsibilities.”