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University of Phoenix Material

Personal Professional Development Plan

Complete this document using the your Personal Professional Development Plan Activity, Parts 1-4 to help guide you.

Career goals
Become Marketing Director or Head of Marketing for a global cosmetic company,within the next five years.

Educational goals

Complete my MBA program and earn degree by the end of 2014. Gain significant knowledge in areas of marketing, business law, accounting, finance, economics, and management.
Competencies (strengths)

Networking, persuading, and cooperating
Areas of improvement

Coping with pressure, organizing, and delivering results
Steps to take to reach your goal

I plan to stay focused on my goal or earinging my degree, and stay on track. I plan to dedicate more time and engery into learinging everything I possibly can about a career in marketing. I plan to gain the needed experience required to becoming a marketing director.
Potential road blocks

Money: not being able to afford to pay to attend school or not being able to get finacial assistance.

Time: Having an overwhelming school schedule. Not being able to balance work,school, and personal and family time.

Fear: Making a large commitment and not doing well. Fear of failing, not have enough time.

Which steps would you consider milestones? Why? I would consider earning my MBA a milestone because it is something that I am passianote about, and have wanted to obtain for a long time. I would also consider leading a success for job a huge milestone because I have worked hard in hopes of one day having a successful career.

How will you monitor your progress toward your career goals? I will write down my career goals and map out my career plan with timelines. I will post the information somewhere that I can see it often as a reminder to stay on track. I will create a reasonable timeline for each goal I want to accomplish. If I am not reaching my goal within the desired time that I had hoped, I will evaluate the situation and see what changes or