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Communication Channel Scenario
May 29, 2012

Communications Channel Scenario
Scenario 1:
The channel I would choose is oral communication, in person with the Vice President of Operations, and as Marketing Manager, I will present the groups marketing strategy for the new global beverage. We will also provide visual PowerPoint of our global marketing strategy to reinforce our oral presentation. I believe this to be the best channel for this situation. This will give you a face to face opportunity to see what the VP of operations likes and dislike while providing quick feedback. In person will give you clues such as body language, facial emotions or looks of confusion which may be lost by any other channels. In addition, if VP likes our group’s marketing strategy, we may have to suggest a video teleconference or flying in other global sector marketing managers to receive input and suggestions to things that may be lost in translation or misunderstood by international customers.
Scenario 2:
In this scenario I would use the telephone to contact the IT department. This provides a quick means to contact them and solve the company’s login issue in a timely matter. There is no need to be face to face in this circumstance since this problem has a simple solution. Now the channel I would use to inform my personal is via company email, it is safe, secure and quickly distributed. Since we are a small company email would be the best choose, I could flag it as important information and dispense it to all 11 employees swiftly. In addition I may utilize downward communication to inform lower level manager to spread the word incase personal try to utilize the application before checking their company email. These are the best channels because there is no cost to the company by means of email, if you print memos it would waste ink, paper, and time to hand out. By using company email, the message, username and password are issued out quickly and efficiently.

Scenario 3: As manager this is one of the toughest things you may have to deal with. In this scenario I would call a company meeting to inform my personal that we are going to have to reduction in our