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Cultural Awareness Plan
Crystol Weidger
June 30, 2014
David Barlage
Cultural Awareness Plan
J.P. Morgan-Chase Bank.

Communicative Styles

Summarize the main features of communicative styles.

The various communicative styles you will need to make sure of are the language in each area. Knowing if there are any types of laws or regulations that this area has in place. Making sure that the employees are well informed of any codes of conduct that could present hard feelings or make the business partners feel they are being disgraced. Making sure of the dress codes in these areas should also be a factor of the communication as these things can all become a liability.

Leadership Styles

Summarize the preferred leadership styles.

The leadership style that J.P. Morgan support in the INJAZ is toward the youth and the challenge of less unemployment. They have done this by supporting INJAZ and implemented “Steer your Career” program. This is geared towards the work force readiness of university students and those who have just graduated under the age of 24. This program will allow for professional skills development that aims to teach the skills that they will need for the modern workplace. It will allow these young people to become aware of the challenges they may face when they take their first steps towards their professional career path. As we implement this program it will affect and make an impact on 4200 young people across the Middle East.

Business Ethics

Summarize the most valued business ethics.

The most important value that J.P. Morgan has put on the line is that your core principle is putting your client’s interest first. By putting your clients first it will allow you to gain and be the most trusted and respected financial institution.


Summarize the most valued motivators.

The thing that will motivate your clients the most is that you hold your firm and your employees to the highest ethical standards in support of clients. You will remain among the world’s most trusted and respected financial institutions. This shows your customers that you understand and appreciate them and act in their interest. The focus that you keep on partnership, and the emphasis on trust and the desire to always perform better will also help you to gain and attract colleagues of the same quality. It will allow you to hire the employees that will perform to the highest of their ability.

Potential Conflict

Summarize areas of potential conflict due to the differences highlighted above and as reflected in the organization’s emailed documentation.

Some of the conflicts that may occur are finding the employees with the skills needed to meet the standards required. If you are not able to find the proper employees you may not gain the trust and loyalty of your clients because they will not feel the security and the understanding they need to become loyal clients.
Cultural Awareness Goals

Articulate the organization’s cultural awareness goals based on info provided by the organization as well as your own research.

The goals that are set forth by J.P. Morgan Chase will be focused its investments and attention on three pillars; Economic Development, Financial Empowerment and Workforce Readiness ( 

Current State

Explain how you will assess the employees’ current state of cultural awareness and tolerance.

The awareness of the current employees will need to be assessed prior to entering into this area of the Middle East and North Africa locations. We should start by conducting a pre-work through survey of current employees. These employees shall be given a survey on the likert scale which can help to indicate the awareness they have and on what levels. This survey can also indentify if the employee has any cultural biases of the population they will be dealing with. There will be third party analysts to go over these surveys. This analyst will be the person who will