Mgt599 Module 1 Case Assignment Kraft Essay

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Running Head: KRAFT FOODS

Kraft Foods
MGT 599
Module 1
Case Assignment
Kraft Foods established in 1903 has been in existence for over a century and is a household name. It's a company that when spoken of a thought of Mac-n-Cheese or dairy products come to mind but it is so much more. This organization has progressed dramatically over the years buying over other companies, improving existing brands, and introducing new product lines. Today, Kraft Food products include beverages, cheese, dairy, and snack foods. How has Kraft been able to thrive? Is it because they are striving to ensure that their Mission, Vision, and Values are easily understood and achievable?

Mission Statement, Growth Plan (Goals), and Analysis
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Trust to them means that others can rely that when they speak they are stating the truth, and that they will honor their commitments, and lastly that they treat their personnel fairly. They strive to earn the trust of their consumers, business partners, employees, shareholders, and those within communities where they operate. Based on this the above statement it is important to understand that Kraft operates from a company-wide list of rules that have a true reflection of their values; there are required for all to follow: * Make food that is safe to eat – It speaks volumes of their corporate value and relentless focus on food safety * Market Responsibly – Marketing is designed to persuade, Kraft is very successful but it depends on consumer trust * Treat People Fairly – Fairness is essential to an organizations overall success. Employees will trust and buy-in when they know that their employee cares and will do right by them * Respect the Free Market – Free markets are competitive, ensuring no laws are ever violated is huge. Violate the market and consumers can lose trust. * Compete Fairly – Kraft’s thought compete hard but do it fairly and others will respect and treat fairly in return. * Respect the Environment – focus on minimizing long-term effect on the environment. * Deal Honestly with the Government –