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October 8, 2007
Unit 1- DB What is Leadership?

Good Afternoon Team,

As the head of DYMO System Scanners Incorporated, I would like to let you know that we have been given the opportunity to draft a new business deal with Prince Abu Degrab, who is one of our new potential Saudi Arabian clients. Prince Abu Degrab has extended an invitation to our corporation, to visit Saudi Arabia. During our visit we will provide a draft of a new DYMO System Scanner that will track merchandise entering and arriving to the Port of Jubail, located in the Arabian Gulf. Our corporation will be sending a team to Saudi Arabia next week to introduce our draft to the Saudi’s in hope of closing this Multi-Million Dollar deal.

I would like to provide you with some relative facts that will affect our deal with the Saudi’s and hopefully introduce you to their way of conducting business. First, the Saudi Arabian government operates differently from our government in regards to business and culture. The Saudi Arabian government can be classified by what one researcher Mr. Geert Hofstede called a Power Distant and Uncertainty Avoidance type of culture. Meaning, higher power-distance cultures experience a wider gap between the powerful and the powerless. Their government also has a high uncertainty avoidance which leads to a low tolerance for uncertainty (Nahavandi, 2006). The Saudi’s believe that women should be covered from head to toe and should not drive. And also believe that the person doing the most talking in a meeting is the least important at the table. Because of this we will use our culture and their culture to make this proposal work in our favor. Many of you know Mrs. Susan Smith is one of our most skilled executives in regards to negotiations. As well as her assistant and second in command Mr. Paul Florence. They will represent our corporation in Saudi Arabia next week. Susan’s invitation will be solicited from the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but this should not be a problem to obtain (Fragoman, 2003). The Saudi’s don’t like to negotiate with women because of their culture so we will use this to our advantage. Since the Saudi’s believe at a meeting, the person who asks the most questions is likely to be the least important, and that the decision maker is likely a silent observer (Butler, 2007). Susan and bob will switch rolls at this meeting. Susan shall ask the questions since she is the most skilled negotiator and Paul will act as the figure head for our corporations visiting team. This will allow Susan to acquire the information needed and Paul the opportunity to observe Susan at work. This will bridge both gaps in our cultures so that we can close this deal with our potential clients in Saudi Arabia.…