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I have taken many management courses while pursuing my undergrad and grad degree. But this course 'Team Dynamics' was very unique in terms of learning experience and my active participation. It has helped me better understand how a team work plays such an important role in an organization and why it is a 'ultimate competitive advantage'. This class had literally walked me through the whole process of team building where an individual meets with completely unknown people in a very unfamiliar situation, talk to each other, try to know one another similarities and differences in an effort to come to a common ground where they can start to walk towards a common goal. I have learned through this course that how a group with 'imperfect human being' are inherently dysfunctional and set to fail unless they transform the group into a team by developing cohesiveness and realize that how the success of other group members can contribute to the success of group as a whole. I learned that how the team can be more productive using effective communication and effective communication starts with good listening. I am now trying my best to eliminate any communication gaps within team by listening very carefully and relating the message to other members as clearly as I can. During the class the exercises we performed and the video helped me to broaden my horizon about my perception of a group, working in a group and the difference between group and team and my contribution in helping a group to become a team .I have always believed that a combine effort of a group member can achieve better results than individuals working alone and after completing this course I have come to believe it more strongly. And also how can I be a good team player. Also this course helped me to learn more about myself both as a member of group and team member. I have realized how important it is to be a good team player both for the accomplishment of team goal as well as for my own development. I realized that I have some leadership qualities and I can hone it.

Group 1&2
It was the very first exercise we did in the class. The whole class was divided into two groups. I came late in the class so I had no idea about the task that make me little anxious. I was told that I belong to group 2. The first group was sitting in a circle and my group was gathered around them. First group was given 10 minutes to discuss the topic of their own choice with the people with their group, and the second group was asked to observe the first group without communicating with them. I observed that people were not conformable in the beginning and some of them were not even participating. In the beginning people introduced themselves to start the conversation, this lead to a comfort zone among the group and everyone felt an ease to provide their views. But gradually everyone got involve in the discussion. I saw how the leaders emerge in a group. Some of the students were shaking hands with everyone around them and even introducing people to other group members. and they drive the discussion. After 10 minutes, groups were asked to two switched places meaning this time my group was sitting in the circle and group one was observing us. Since our group members had observed first group we had an advantage but still some of our group member were hesitate about what to talk and whom to talk. After 10 minute of allocated time, both of the groups were asked once again to play the role of observer to discuss for 5 minutes. It was clear that this time people were more comfortable and the discussion was organized and balanced as they had a chance to observe other group. People were more familiar to each other and most of them started the conversation where they left last time and some of them were even walking within the group to talk to different people.
It was a clear imitation of real work environment where new employee join the team full of unknown faces and get to know the