Mgx9001 S2 Practice Exam Answers

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MGX9001 S2 Practice Exam



Reflecting on a speaker’s message is part of active listening - T F


Attention, need, satisfaction, visualisation, and action are the five steps that make up
Monroe’s Motivated Sequence - T F


A person who is well-liked by his/her peers has legitimate power - T F


Social loafing occurs when the presence of others in a group or team improves the performance of individual members - T F


According to the team effectiveness model, team effectiveness is defined by team output, team capability, and individual learning and growth - T F


The recognition threshold is the point at which a person can detect a change in the environment - T
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You're one of the four reps whose performance is poor. Thirteen other reps beat their quota. Have you had any problems that I’m not aware of?
Jack Adams was now looking out a window beside Bill Squire's desk. His palms were moist and his lips dry. He tried to put his thoughts together, but his mind just seemed to race.
SQUIRE: Jack, did...?
ADAMS: Yeah, yeah – I heard you. [Folds his arms] You know, Bill, you’re new to this district, and perhaps there is something you need to realize. I've worked for this company for 15 years and I think if you check the records, I've always been a pretty good sales rep – no, I'd say one of the best. I work hard. I get along great with my customers and…
SQUIRE: Jack, now that you mention it, I had a complaint about you a couple of weeks ago. Kathy Burgess in purchasing at McGabe Company wrote me a letter saying you hadn't been in contact with them for over a month. Andy, who used to have that account, visited them weekly. How can you hope to make the quota if you don't make contact with the customer? ADAMS: Andy had that account when the territory was one third as big and…
SQUIRE: All right, Jack, I realize the territory reassignments have affected reps a little bit...

ADAMS: [excitedly] A little bit…
SQUIRE: [raising his hand] Hold on, hold on – let me finish. As I was saying, the territory reassignments have meant