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Clinical Applications
Trident University
Erica Montgomery
MHM/514 Health Information Systems
May 4, 2015
Dr. Thomas Esch

Structure impact the delivery of health care
• Improves Quality of Care
• Decreases Medical Errors
• Better Privacy and Security

• Advances in Medical Terminology
• Virtual Office Visits
• Software Replacements/Upgrades
• Ongoing Training
• Remote assess to Patient Records

Impact of future evolutions of delivery health care
• Virtual office Visits
• Patients access to Person Health Records (PHR)

Implication of Privacy &
Security management
• Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
• Administrative Simplification
• Privacy Rule
• Security Rule
• Transactions and Code Set Standards
• Identifier Standards for Employers and Providers

• HIPAA Enforcement

Identified steps in system development life cycle

Training And implementation • Ongoing Education/ Training
• Monthly Meetings
• Opening Communication

Maintenance components necessary • Hardware upgrades and replacement
• Regular Software updates
• Training of end-users
• Developed group curricula
• Individual session
• Hands-on training
• CBT (computer based training)
• System support
• Reinforcement logs

How data can be used
• What are data?
• Types Data Usage in Health Care
• Internal Usage
• Patient-specific
• General

• External Usage
• Quality of Data

Evaluated effectiveness
• Definition of EHR
• Description of EHR
• Use of EHR
• Access to EHR

hardware issues
•Stability of the server
•Client Hardware
•Fixed Workstations
•Ease of Access
•Economical placement
•Mobile access
•Collection of programs
•Data collection
•Cache Operating System

• Effect of Enhancements on