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B.A Consultants Report: Holden Outerwear Company 1

B.A Consultants Report: Holden Outerwear Company Consultants: Daniel Cabral, Caroline Guerrero, Sarah Leonard, Yizel Munoz,
Raquel Vargas Fall 2013

B.A Consultants Report: Holden Outerwear Company 2

Managerial Approach: Holden Outerwear closely follows the contemporary approach of organizational behavior.
They show a great interest in self­ management and delegation because their company has a few employees who are responsible for him or her self. These employees are designed for specific areas, but also have control over other areas. You can see how crucial each employee is to this company and how they must act like leaders. Holden Outerwear encourages every employee to contribute ideas to every aspect of the company, which promotes participative decision­making.
With the different perspectives about their product, Holden Outerwear fulfills their organizational goal of creativity. All of the workers come together and put their ideas with one another to create a great product line. Teamwork allows the company to achieve their goals and be more effective by working together towards the same common target, rather than having one key worker. It is known that every member holds a very important job and contributes to the company’s vision in their outerwear. This shows that many of the employee’s work closely together and are very involved with one another. Holden Outerwear also does a great job in making every employee feeling like they are part of their team. Nikki, who is one of the new members to the team, explains that although she is a new addition to the team, she doesn’t feel like an outcast. Employee involvement is a major factor when it comes to keeping all of your employees happy. Mikey refers to his co­workers as a family and whenever someone new is hired, he wants to make sure that they feel like they are part of it as well.

B.A Consultants Report: Holden Outerwear Company 3

Environmental Analysis:
Holden Outerwear’s culture is driven by seeking to be the most fashion forward in the market of technical outerwear. They like to be considered fashion innovators in the apparel­manufacturing world daring to be different. Being traditional is not on their agenda by any means because they always make new collections and do a complete style makeover in outerwear. Environmental scanning is definitely something incorporated into Holden’s structure but they never seek to copy. As a culture they like to work closely as a team and set out to be a leader and not a follower.
Legal regulations for Holden’s company includes government regulations and high taxes if they were to manufacture here in the United States so therefore they go to China for that. For their economy the prices in general for their technical outerwear jackets range anywhere from
$180­$300. Their prices compared to that of other companies are generally the same but can be expensive in some sense because specialized stores may sell a jacket for a cheaper price. The demographics for Holden are usually snowboarders and for people who do sports in the snow.
There is also the wide variety of customers who live in colder climates where it does rain and snow and Holden is a great option and can be seen in those areas. They also have brand ambassadors who consist of pro snowboarders and photographers.
Along with design there is also manufacturing the apparel for Holden outerwear and technology is important to strategize and implement. They work closely with the fabric mills and garment manufacturers so they can take something that everyone does every day and make it