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History of Me
I was born in Perth Western Australia March 13th 1997, I attended Christ the king primary school in Beaconsfield. I am the son to Rachel Grose; born 11th August 1972 and Darren Grose; born 23rd January 1972. My heritage is English due to my mum being born in Liverpool England and moved to Australia at the age of 9. At the age of 24 and 25 my mum gave birth to me. Then 5 years on my parents gave birth to my sister Molly now aged 10. Another 5 years later I had a little brother who is now the spitting image of me and aged 4. I am the oldest of all grandchildren on my dad’s side with my next cousin only 5 months behind me, and the 3rd oldest on my Mums side with my oldest cousin now 22 and 2nd oldest 19. My Dads parents Ray and Vicki Grose aged 62 and 61 had 4 boys. Their names were Jason (44), Darren (41), Lincoln (38) and Ben (32). Jason now has 2 kids aged 15 and 8 and Ben also with kids aged 5 and 2. My mum’s parents Ken and Norma Cullen aged 64 and 62; had 3 daughters. Wendy (45), Rachel (40) and Ruth (37). Wendy has the oldest out of all the cousins with Jordan (22) and Ellis (19). Ruth then has the next two grandchildren after me with Hayden and Tristan now aged 13 and 10.
2001 was my first time at school and met a boy named Connor Potts who I am still good mates with now even in high school. In 2002 I remember the first day of pre-primary walking through the front gates of the school with mum next to me. We stepped in and saw my favourite thing to do at the time, toy cars. I kept playing with them with Connor till we had to go sit down with my first full time teacher named Mrs Gummer. Also in 2002 I started one of the best things in my life till today, this was playing AFL football at the local Fremantle Hawks JFC. I first went down there not knowing how to even kick but before this I loved watching the Dockers on TV. My dad wanted me to play up a year at the time and I still do for footy and met a boy name Jack McMaster who I’m still friends with now. August 2002 was the arrival of my sister Molly who I still fight with almost every day of the year.
2003 I started year one at the same school and met a lot of people and still had the same teacher; Mrs Gummer and I loved playing footy during recces and lunch that’s all I did. In 2004 my parents bought a small 32 foot boat which wasn’t the most fanciest looking thing and I remember to this day my pop bought me a South Fremantle Football Club membership for me which I took to school one day for show and tell. I lost it in a sand pit one day and almost cried. A couple days later I found it and was full of joy until my worst enemy in primary school Mitchell Norman Stoll it off me and ran away with it. I chased him down quite well because all throughout primary school I was the fastest and strongest of my year. I then caught him and started punching him repetitively a teacher then dragged me off and gave us a red card which was the worst thing you could get at the school.
Early 2005 I started Judo which I wasn’t that committed to but I was good. I went into 3 competitions which I won a gold medal in all. Later that year I quit Judo and started Boxing which is still do as much as possible. My year 3 teacher was Mrs Letizia; she didn’t only act like a witch she looked like one too.
2006 I had Mr Munroe and he was one of my favourite teachers because he loved footy but was also a strict teacher which I got in trouble a lot. We also bought a new boat called solitaire which was an ex Cray boat that was a Randall 37. Also in 2006 it was my first time I travelled on a plane which I went to Adelaide to visit my cousins.
2007 I went on my first overseas holiday and this was to Phuket and Singapore. And in late 2007 my mum fell pregnant with my youngest sibling Harrison. My year 5 teacher was Mrs Marijan who was a really tall teacher but was a cool mellow teacher. I also won every event in my interhouse athletics carnival as well as winning the cross country. I