Mi Tiendecita de Moda Essay

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---Maria Alva’s fashion business

Celso Silva(221535),Dan Lin(220396),Ivan Valverde(221258)
Yinying Li(Sabrina, 220988),Siwen Ma(Stella, 220799)
Instructors: Ray Bennett,Duff Warren,Lisa Koster
Schulich School of Business, York University
Executive Summary
This report provides an analysis and evaluation of the current Facebook fashion store Mi Tiendecita de Moda (MTM), which was ran by Maria Alva in Lima, Peru. Methods of analysis include PEST, PORTER FIVE FORCES, and SWOT to examine the basic ability and competitiveness of the enterprise, as well as the potential developing opportunities.

The result of the analysis shows that although Ms. Alva’s business has had a distinguishable achievement in
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(Tietz & Urbina, 2015, p3-4) Moreover, Alva used the reversed seasons in Peru and in the U.S. to provide the latest designs with reasonable prices. (Tietz & Urbina, 2015, p4) Also, she provided high quality and personal services to make her clients happy and to increase their loyalty. (Tietz & Urbina, 2015, p4)

Alva was facing the question of whether to grow the business or not, and how to grow it. She stated that she wanted her own store, and she believed in her own ability to attract more people; however, the problems were that she wanted to work on a flexible schedule and MTM took most of her time. (Tietz & Urbina, 2015, p7) On the other hand, the questions her clients asked indicated their desire for Alva’s products and their hope to buy a wider range of products from MTM. (Tietz & Urbina, 2015, p7) Alva also received an offer from the venture capitalist investor Martinez who had a connection to the local fashion industry and wanted to invest her business. (Tietz & Urbina, 2015, p7) Too many alternatives were placed in front of her and she was confused in making a decision. (Tietz & Urbina, 2015, p7)

This report analyzes her current situation, the potential ability of her business,