Miami School District Paper

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Miami School District Negotiation Paper
Shawn Stout
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Organizational Negotiations
Israr Hayath
July 19, 2012

Miami School District Negotiation Paper
The students involved in this situation are the stakeholders along with the parents, the school officials, the school employees, the experts who are involved in the redrawing plan, not to mention the community and society in where the school happens to be located along with any and all the vendors that do business with the school.
The strategic negotiation that should be used in this situation will have to support the school board’s need of redrawing the boundaries and at the same time try to properly address the concerns of not just the stakeholders but also everyone else that is involved. The integrative negotiation strategy used needs to be aimed at reaching some type of situation that is in the best interest for all the parties involved. The word integrative means to combine several parts into a whole. That goes to imply that some assistance or even a joining of forces is used in order to achieve something together or at least as a whole. This usually requires using a higher level of trust and by also using some type of relationship. However, each party involved will want to walk away with the feeling of having achieved satisfaction to which has value and will lead to each party feeling like they got what they wanted. Ideally this would result in a two-fold type process.
Next is integrative bargaining and this can also be called a bargaining that is interest based. A Win-win situation is a bargaining type of strategy where the parties involved find a means of collaborating in order to come up with a win-win type of solution in order to settle any dispute. This strategy type is used to focus on the developing a type of an agreement that is mutually beneficial and bases itself on the interests of the disputants who are involved. Those interests can include things such as needs, fears, concerns, and also desires. These things can be extremely important to both sides.
The paragraph earlier stated that the school board needed to effectively find a way to use integrative bargaining in order to develop some type of optimum solution that is in the best interest of all parties involved, and the school board along with the parents. Then they need to find a way to come to a win-win agreement.
In regard to this situation the first step needed would be to identify what the basic interests of all the parties involved is. The school official’s needs to try and figure out what the parent’s main interest are. Regardless they need to figure out why the parties involved feel the way they do. Then they need to figure out why it is they are demanding what it is they are demanding, next would be for you to ask yourself how the other parties might perceive the demands you have requested. The board might also want to try and analyze what the potential consequences of an agreement that is being advocated, and how the others might see that. After the interests have been identified, all the parties involved have to work together in some type of cooperative manner in order to try and figure out what the best solution would be in order to meet those interests and needs,. Often, by using a brainstorming technique and making a list of all the options that everyone can think of while at the same time trying not to criticize or dismiss any ideas. The parties involved can and will be able to come up with some positive and creative fresh ideas that can be used to meet the needs and interests of everyone. The goal in this situation is to come up with a win-win scenario and give each party a chance to see their outcome as a win and not loss.
As discussed earlier in regards to the major concern of the parents, they are worried about what the quality of education will be like due to the impact from the expansion of the property values, not to also mention the social