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Antonio Gomez 2-1-2012 Period 3

Of Mice and Men “Of Mice and Men’’ is a story about two alter ego’s named George and Lennie who never leave each other in good or bad situations. One day Lennie put his hands on a beautiful lady dressed in red without asking, she thought he wanted to rape her but Lennie is a cretin and he doesn’t know better. Steinbeck who is the author uses literary foreshadowing to tell the reader ahead what will happen next like Lennie’s future troubles, Candy’s regret of not killing his dog foreshadows that George will kill Lennie. In Steinbeck’s foreshadow the death of the puppy by revealing the death of a mouse. For example, when George finds Lennie holding a dead mouse, George says “That mouse ain’t fresh Lennie and besides you broke petting it”. Lennie kills the mouse because he was petting it too much. So Lennie’s lack of self - control is demonstrated by the death of a mouse. In addition when Lennie tries to sneak the puppy into the bunk house George yells “You get right up and take this pup back to rest you you wanna kill him”. Lennie likes to pet soft things like a rat. The puppy is also soft so he will also pet the pup and premenstrually kill another living thing. George knows Lennie likes soft things so he knows he knows Lennie will play with the pup but might kill it too. In addition because it’s a tyke pup it’s fragile and could easily get hurt or killed. Curley’s aggressive attitude towards Lennie foreshadows their future fight. For example, since Curley isn’t giving nobody a chance George said “Well he, better watch out for Lennie. Lennie a’int no fighter but Lennie’s strong and quick Lennie don’t know no rules”. This means that Curley better not get Lennie mad. Lennie could beat up Curley he’s hefty and fast also because Curley is short. In addition when George says “Lennie a’int handy, but this Curley punk is gonna get hurt if he messes around with Lennie”. This proves that Lennie might not be smart or handy but he’s tough. If Curley messes with him he might get hurt because Curley likes punking on bigger guys. Lennie might hurt Curley because Curley was