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In the novella Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck loneliness is a key theme and many characters show this trait. These characters are Curley’s wife, Crooks, Slim, George and Candy. Curley’s wife shows loneliness by always complaining about not being able to talk to anyone and she pesters everyone to talk to her. Crooks shows loneliness be talking to Lennie about what he would do if George didn’t come back from town and he is also the only black person there on the ranch (shows it is what Crooks is feeling or has felt). Slim shows loneliness by constantly talking about how Lennie and George travel together (he is probably jealous of them). George shows loneliness at the end when he kills Lennie because now he doesn’t have Lennie or the as much of a chance to get the farm. There are multiple similarities and differences between these characters. Curley’s wife has a similarity between crooks because she is the only girl and he is the only black and they both don’t talk to many people. Another similarity is between George and Slim, they are/were working at the ranch and they both understood each other. A difference between characters is that Candy lost his right hand and everyone else in this story has both of their arms. A last difference between Crooks and everyone in the story is that he is the only black person in the story. Loneliness is expressed in this book in many ways. I would have to say that John Steinbeck is telling us that many people are lonely and you might not notice it. Also, that it can be very hard to go on with life when you are lonely. An example would be that Curley’s wife did not like that she could not talk to very many people and this made her sad. Overall, loneliness is one of the many characteristics that the people in this story have, with loneliness these characters have differences and similarities and that loneliness makes many people sad and very hard to live their life.

In the novella Of Mice and Men many people have hopes and dreams. These characters are George, Lennie, Candy and Curley’s wife. George and Lennie hope to have a farm and to work for themselves. But, mainly Lennie’s dream is to tend the rabbits at the farm. Candy’s dream is to live with George and Lennie at the farm because he is not much help at the ranch and he assumes that he will soon be canned. And lastly, Curley’s wife’s dream was to be in the movies or the show business. These dreams proved much hope and made them work harder to try and achieve them. An example is that when Candy joined the group with George and Lennie their dream seemed to be within grasp because Candy had lots of money that could