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The business which I’ve selected to base my assignment on is Next. It specializes in clothing, footwear, accessories and home products. Next distributes through three main channels: Next Retail, a chain of more than 500 stores in the UK; the Next Directory, and direct mail catalogue with more than 2 million active customers * A facilities manager is responsible for the care and maintenance of Next premises. Their responsibilities include installing and repairing air conditioners, plumbing, lighting, and electric power in order to maintain the store in safe order plus up-to-date for visitors. They also may be in charge of cleaning, grounds keeping, and security. Facilities managers must ensure the grounds and buildings are secure and safe for employees and customers.
Supervising building work; safety, developing and enforcing a work plan, report on development to clients. You're responsible for health and safety on site and that means if anyone has an accident you share at least some responsibility of what happens. Construction sites can be a very dangerous environment unless people are careful. As a site manager you have to run a very tight ship, to make sure that accidents won't happen. Completing a site by the deadline is also a huge responsibility for. * A site manager is the person in charge of all on site operations, and ensuring the building contract runs to schedule. A site manager controls all aspects of the site including planning work, arranging delivery of materials ensuring the project runs to schedule and to budget, conducting regular site safety checks, maintaining quality control procedures which requires making safety inspections of work, motivating the workforce, finding solutions to problems that may cause delays, such as the late arrival of materials and is ultimately responsible for ensuring a contract is delivered on time.

* Human Resource director is responsible for people inside the company. Their main role is to recruit, select and train staff. This means that they have to find the right people at the right place at the right time. Once the employees have been recruited it is the HR director’s responsibility to train and develop them to make sure that they