Michael and New York Essay

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Michael Peryea
Mrs. Hughes 3rd Period
Mike Possible
Once there was this great super human and his name was Mike Possible. He is tall, attractive, and muscular. His powers are that he has the strength of over 10,000 men, fly at light speed and can see through anything with his x-ray vision. No human knows his real name. The only thing that the people of Earth know about him is that he came in a mysterious ship from a galaxy unknown and he has superhuman powers. He helps the people of New York with crime and everyday problems. Nobody knows his true identity, all that the people know that he is a good guy and he helps people. But there is a great evil that is coming soon and he is the only one that knows what is coming. People from his home world swore that one day that they would find him for murdering there corrupted leader and then leaving the home world. He is also the only one that can stop it and he has to save not only New York but the entire world. He uses the name Michael Shepard to keep his identity a secret and works as a detective for the New York Police Department. One day he was in his office and his phone rings at his desk. “Hey are we still hanging out to tonight?” said Robert one of his best friends and partner. “The big game is on tonight.” “Yeah man wouldn’t miss it for the world.” said Michael with a big smile on his face. The phone is still ringing. “Hold on man I got a call.” He picks up the phone and answers it. “Hello this is Detective Michael Shepard what do you need me to do.” The person on the other end talks for a little bit. Then suddenly Michael has a sudden expression of terror on his face. “Right away sir, thank you!” Michael quickly hangs up the phone and puts his coat and hat on. Robert with a concerned look on his face asked Michael, “Hey man, are you...” “Robert come on we have go now!” said Michael. “This is a very urgent case.” “Michael calm down why do you look so terrified right now?” said Robert in a confused tone. Michael dashes towards the door with Robert right behind him. “It is at my father’s house.” said Michael. “The victim is my father Robert.” Robert was shocked at the news and did not want to say anything. Michael quickly got into his car and drove to the scene without a word being said. As soon as they arrive at the scene there is caution tape and police surrounding the area with police and police cars surrounding the house. The windows are broken and the door has been ripped off the hinges. Michael steps up to the officer and shows him badge and enters the house. The inside of the house is trashed and there is broken furniture and other things destroyed and laying around the house. There is a trail of blood leading into the kitchen and there lays his deceased father lying on the floor. Michael uses his x-ray vision to examine his father’s body and finds an unusual object in his body. Michael attempts to reach in his when suddenly the object lights up and Michael hears a lock sound. Then the object starts counting down from 5 seconds. “Everybody run!” shouted Michael. “Huh?” said Robert. Michael, without thinking, grabs Robert and takes off into the sky. Then the bomb exploded and