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michael Biondo
World History
Native Americans
Ever since I was a little boy I was always interested in the Native Americans. Not only because I found them cooler than pilgrims but because they are so down to earth and were basically the founders of the United States. Native Americans have been around so long and have so many different kinds of tribes and cultural beliefs. Over the years they sort of have been diminished and sometimes made fun of as well. I respect the Native Americans for how they fought for their rights and independents. Even though many Americans think Indians are “Savages” and “Scalpers” I think of them as a strong people. In this paper I would like to explain the impacts that Native Americans have on our country as a whole and the As I stated before Native Americans have been around as far back as the pilgrims “found” America. They had their own villages and tribes around the North American continent, all the way from Canada to the bottom tips of Mexico. The Native American were a free people living off the land, Hunting, not only deer but buffalo. Buffalo were around and not scarce like they are today. In the 1800’s there were more than “60 million free ranging buffalo on Americas Great Plains and in its mountains” (Yellowstone 1). The Native Americans used the buffalo for more than just food. They were very resourceful they used the skin and fur of the buffalo to make their teepees and make their clothing out of it as well too. Not only did they eat buffalo they had berries, mush, and wild turkey. They had enough to survive off the land. Thanksgiving just passed and most American homes were filled with these different foods in the kitchen. It was the food that the Native Americans had at the meal when they had the very first thanks giving with the Pilgrims. The Native Americans really enjoyed the family life. They were tight nit and respected one another. Of course there were rivalries amongst other tribes, this is the part where they Indians get over shadowed. Every nation in world history has their time of violence and war. Look at the United States they’ve has a long track record of being a part of wars and violence. You can’t just remember the bad when you think of the past you must also remember the Good that came out of it. The impact that the Native Americans had in the United States was great in a good way and also bad. The United States changed early do to the fact they had to take the Native Americans in to consideration. They wanted to find out if the Native Americans were actually harmful so they tried to “civilize” the natives so they could be a part of the society of American culture. They worked hard at changing the natives but some wouldn’t comply with them so the Americans implemented “the Indian removal act”. This act would have all the Native Americans rounded up and put on “reservations”. There are around 310 Indian reservations in the United States today. There are large ones but most are around 1,000 acres. Along some routes of…