Michael Hammer Summary Essay

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Michael Hammer’s “Reengineering Work: Don’t Automate, Obliterate” is an article on the problems and some solutions businesses used to overcome their issues of wasting time and money on inadequate operation processes. As businesses grow, the operation processes grow as well and the way the process is handled needs to change to accommodate the growth to be more efficient. If you just add more the current process without considering a new way to handle the process, you end up with a larger problem then you began with. What Hammer is trying to get across is that instead of adding to current processes, you need to eliminate them all together and create a new design for the process. This new design depending on the purpose of the business …show more content…
The one contact will know what is going on from the start and can delegate the work where it needs to be at. If all of the information is stored in one place, than there will be no loss of data between the handshakes. Problems are not just within the processes of the business, but also within the workplace as a whole as well. The simple tasks that employees take on every day, need to be transformed into multidimensional work. The employee needs to not only know what their daily task is, but they also need to know why they do this task and what it does. An employee that understands fully what the purpose is of their task and how it affects other processes can help improve the process as a whole. For instance: if the process after the assembly of a computer requires a list of all the components used to make the computer. Instead of another person going backwards to look up the hardware used to make the computer, the assembly person could have just listed it out as they assembled it. If the employee understood the complete process of the computer assembly, then they would know how to make the next process easier or eliminated. Instead of training employees it is more beneficial in the long run for a company to educate them on their business. This way an employee can point out critical failures in the business operation to help resolve conflicts. The proper way to approach a