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Antonio Caston
Physical Science TF-34
Frayser High School
Magnesium, whose chemical symbol is Mg, is found in group 2A and period 3 of the periodic table. The atomic mass is 24, and the atomic number is 12. Every atom in magnesium contains twelve protons, twelve electrons, and twelve neutrons. The number of valence electrons in an atom of magnesium is 2, giving magnesium an oxidation number of 2+. It is easier for magnesium to lose two valence electrons and empty its outer energy level, than to gain six. Therefore, the most common known ion of magnesium is Mg2+. Magnesium was first discovered in 1755, by a man named Joseph Black. Magnesium is most commonly found as a solid. Its appearance is usually silvery-white in color. Its characteristics are like those of most common metals. It is shiny, has a low density, and is reasonably strong. Also, magnesium is a relatively good conductor. Because of its strength and other properties, magnesium and its compounds are used in many ways.
There are many compounds that contain magnesium, such as MgO, MgH2, MgCl2. Because of its properties and various compounds, this metal is widely used in manufacturing.…