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Michael Jason

Michael Nischik

Composition 1

Loosing Track of Time

Heading into seventh grade at age thirteen, my father lost his job at Chrysler. In doing so, he put tremendous pressure on my mom to keep our family afloat during a struggling economy. After a few months of searching my father received a call from a small defense contracting company located in Lexington, Kentucky. My family and I put little thought to the possibility of my father taking a job two states away but, as he put, "times are tough". Eventually, my father drove down to Kentucky to have an interview. A few days went by and my father still had not returned home. Little did we know, in the days following his return, our lives would change drastically. After four days of traveling and interviewing my father came home, I remember getting off the bus and seeing his car in the driveway. My mother and sisters (Kim and Nicole) had so many questions for my father. I remember as my sisters and I burst through the door, seeing my mother sitting in the recliner in awe. My father came out of the kitchen and told us all that we needed to have a talk. It was at this moment, my sisters and I knew something was off. We all sat down and my father told us that he received and accepted a great job offer. With little thought we all got excited, however, as he continued his talk we discovered the jobs location; Kentucky. My father explained how things were going to change. He stated that he would no longer be around until he could find something closer. He expressed his feelings of leaving nevertheless, we all knew he was sacrificing for our family. It seemed like only a few days had passed and it was time for my father to depart on his new journey. Before he left he wanted to take me out to lunch. My father wanted to go over the new expectations he had for me. At lunch he said, "Mike, its your turn now. Your the man of the house" As I sat in confusion he continued to talk. Over the…