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Dairo Moreno
Novel Summary In the novel “Fight Club” written by Chuck Palahniuk many events take place. The mysterious narrator in Fight Club hates everything about his lifestyle. He hates his job as a product recall specialist for a car company. His life changes when he meets an interesting madman named Tyler Durden. Together they formed an underground fight club as a way of punishing therapy. Fight Club’s members grow throughout the story and Tyler uses it to spread anti-consumerist ideas and he recruits members to participate in attacks on corporate America, originally the narrator’s idea. Tyler takes all the control and picks the best members of fight club and creates “Project Mayhem” a group that trains as an army to take down the modern civilization. The narrator starts off as a loyal participant but then becomes uncomfortable with the dangerous activities and the deaths of the members. Eventually everything gets out of control. As the narrator tries to stop Tyler and his army he realizes that he is Tyler. His mind made up a new personality to escape all his problems. The narrator learns that Tyler plans to blow up the tallest building in the world with bombs he made. During the explosion, Tyler plans to die as the leader of Project Mayhem and plans to take the narrators life as well. He is forced to meet Tyler and is captured with a gun pointed at him. The narrator puts Tyler’s gun in his mouth and shoots himself. Later he wakes up in a