Michael Jordan

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Michael Jordan is the most important historical figure. Although there are many historical figures, Michael Jordan is the most important. Michael Jordan is the most historical figure for many reasons. He is was and always will be the greatest basketball player of all time. He is very athletic, and made sure his team was working and playing their best every game and practice. He is also the most historical figure because he was always determined to win no matter what, and he had good sportsmanship. These facts prove that he is the most important historical figure. Michael Jordan had many amazing shots and dunks. He invented his own dunk called the Air Jordan. He has also influenced many people to play basketball, because of his hard work, good attitude and amazing skill. He has also made his own shoe company, named after his famous dunk "Air Jordan". Michael Jordan showed to people that he had good sportsmanship. He has donated time and money to needy children. Part of the reason he does this is that he is very passionate and ambitious. In addition, the title of Great basketball player fits him well. Michael Jordan is very athletic. He is very strong, and good at many sports. He never gave up no matter what, he even played when he was sick. One of the reasons he was so strong was that he exercised and practiced a lot. Michael Jordan worked very hard and was so passionate, that he would do whatever it took to be the best at his game. Undoubtedly