Michael Jordan Failure Essay

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Michael Jordan famously once said, “I’ve failed over & over & over again in my life and that is why I succeeded.”. In my own eyes, I only saw him as a success, I never thought that the pros failed. But he showed me that failures are what make the successes prosper. They learned from these mistakes and tried harder than everyone else to get better. Many of the world’s greatest athletes put in hours and hours of work to make failure to be at a minimal in game.

Michael Jordan has missed thousands of shots, lost hundreds of games, and countless game winners. But yet, he is considered the greatest of all time in basketball. But, what we don’t think about is the hours after and out of practice when he was working harder than everyone else. His failures showed him what to do to become successful in a certain area of basketball, and over time this repetition helped him become the person I and so many other people know today. He could’ve just sat there and gave up when he encountered these but he pushed through and became a huge success. Even today, years after he retired he works at his game, basketball. Due to his failures he became the idol of millions of kids across the world (and universe(if you get that)). Making him a great testament to “failure creates success.”.

I have had a lot of failures turn to
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But, even with these failures he is considered one of the best players of our generation. He has missed open goals, missed the ball entirely, and just knock the ball out while trying to skill. “Sometimes by losing a battle you find a new way to win the war.” (Donald Trump), and this is very true for Cristiano. In the first half of many of his games, nothing is working for him. But in the second half, he figures out what’s not working, and fixes it. This helped him become the success that he is today. Looking at how much he works at his weaknesses, I would hope he’s