Michael Jordan Vs. Lebron James

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Kristian Reed
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Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James
When most people think about the game of basketball or the NBA, they either imagine Michael Jordan, star player for the Chicago Bull in 1984-2003, or LeBron James, Current star player for the Miami Heat in 2010. Due to their athletic performances, people across the world wonder if LeBron James is better than six time champion hall of famer, Michael Jordan. To evaluate this world-wide controversy, by comparing and contrasting Michael Jordan and LeBron James by, size, statistical records, and their career achievements at the age of 28 to see which athlete is truly better in the game of basketball. In 1989, Michael Jordan, a 6’6”, 216 pound basketball player form University of North Carolina, was drafted into the NBA by the Chicago Bulls at the age of 21. People across the world were amazed by Michael’s 6’10 wingspan and athletic ability to glide in the air and dunk the ball giving him the nickname, “Air-Jordan”. In 1984, Michael Jordan signed a contract with Nike and released his first line of sneaker, Air-Jordan’s, to the public in 1985. Doing that year Michael started his business, Jordan Shoes, with Nike, and received $20 million a year until 2023 for wearing Nike apparel only and using his name and image. Until this day, people across the world have spent thousands of dollars, and have been killed over Michael Jordan’s sneakers.
At the age of 28, Michael Jordan had a total of 19,000 points, 1594 steals, 623 blocks, 3697 rebounds, and was rewarded Most Valuable Player (MVP) for the 2nd time in his NBA career during the regular season in the NBA. At the end of the season Michael Jordan won his first NBA Championship game and was also given the Finals MVP award in 1991. Michael Jordan was truly a remarkable and one of a kind athlete, who made a big impact on the NBA and the game of basketball until this day.
In 2003, the NBA drafted, LeBron James, a 19 year old senior out of St. Vincent-St. Mary High School, to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers. The NBA noticed this 6’8”, 250 pound high school power player due to his size and strengths around the court, and his ability to get to the basket with his amazing 7 foot wingspan. During his rookie season, LeBron James was the youngest rookie to scored 40 points in NBA history. In 2010,