Michael Oher and Tuohy family Essay

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The Blind Side movie is based upon a true story of an African American teenager whose life is positively impacted from an upper middle class caucasian family. The movie revolves around the life of Michael Oher. Michael struggled with various academic and emotional challenges due to a dysfunctional childhood. Michael Oher was raised by a drug addicted mother of thirteen children. He never meet his biological father. Michael Oher's academic career consisted of either repeating grades or switching schools. Thus Michael Oher enrolled into Briarcrest Christian high school with severe academic and emotional struggles. The teachers were perplexed to discover Michael's learning deficiencies. After Michael failing multiple examinations at Briarcrest, the before the teachers developed academic interventions.
Due to Michael's academic deficiencies and emotional struggles, he performs at a very low academic level. Michael's teachers observe his struggles.

Along with academic tutoring, Michael becomes a quarterback within the High Briarcrest Christian School football team. As a result of his involvement in the football team, he crossed paths with a Tuohy family. Prior to the arrival of Michael Oher, the Tuohy family consisted of Sean Tuohy-Dad, Leigh Anne-mother, Sean Jr.-son, and Collins-daughter. They incorporate an Evangelical faith into their everyday lives.
When Leigh Anne observed Michael walking towards the football field at night, her intention told her Michael was in trouble.