Michael Shaara's The Killer Angels

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“The Killer Angels” by Michael Shaara is a historical novel based on the Battle of Gettysburg, the day leading up to it, and the people involved in it during July of 1863. Shaara tells the book in third person through the usage of each of the main characters’ personal experiences and descriptive emotions before and during the tragic event. This allows the reader to grasp the situation unlike any other Civil War book; that is, through the eyes of those who experienced it.
It is no surprise that at the beginning of the novel, the Army of Northern Virginia is content with the direction the war is going. Up to this point, they have completely trampled the Northern Armies by beating them in battles fought on their land (in the South). Robert E.
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After all, according to today’s society, Yankee beliefs are the only politically correct ones in the Civil War. Over the course of reading this novel, the reader will understand that it is not fair to judge the South based on today’s standards. Shaara presents an equal interpretation of both sides positions and a message is revealed: both sides were fighting for freedom-the freedom to be who they …show more content…
The title is “The Killer Angels”, which almost could be an oxymoron. How is it that creatures, which we as humans depict as kind or as holy, could become cold murderers? This is precisely what Shaara tries to explain throughout the book by the use of his unique writing style. The reader knows by the way that each character is described and portrayed in their chapters that the men involved in this gory battle were by no means evil creatures. They began as men wanting to be heard, as any human wants to be. With morals and guidelines as to how far they would actually go to be heard. However, soon after the war began they became people with ideals of which they would go to any degree to protect, even as far as fighting their own