Biography Of Michaelangelo

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Michaelangelo sculptured a well known renaissance figure, David. This sculptures’ work first began in 1501 B.C.E. and was completely finished in 1504 B.C.E. The reason why this sculpture took about 3 years to develop was because it stood at 17 feet tall sculpture in Florence, Italy in a very secluded and private area. This sculpture has very smooth and well details such as the hair and the way David is portrayed. This sculpture also demonstrates its power and the eyes are known for being recognized as the defending of civil liberties in Florence and was used as a strategy to ward off Rome’s defense. However, in the Lacoon was known for the three sons. Athanadoros, Hagesandros and Polydros has been one of the most significant ancient sculptures from Rome. It is made of marble and about seven feet high with ten and a half inches. The way this sculpture was built, it is to represent realism by the way the fingures were made, real human life sized. This statue was actually lost for a period of time and was finally found and evacuated out of Rome in 1506. This particular statue demonstrates death and suffering from the attack of sea serpents. The main reason for this marbled sculpture was because Poseiden was angered by Laocoon because he was supporting the greeks and sent sea serpents to strangle him and his sons.
Justinian, Bishop Maximianus and the Attendants is a very famous paiting that was developed in the year 547. It can be found in the Northern wall of apse, San