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Michael Jordon

Six foot, six inch in height! Tall black skinned, shiny bald head, red shorts with a matching red jersey with the number twenty- three on it. He comes out and the fans roar because the basketball court shines when he steps on it! Do you know why? Air Jordan! The most famous basketball player in the world is Michael Jordan, also known as king of the court.

One foot in and the roars are louder than a lion. It’s like MJ’s fans sense him when he steps in the court. Posters everywhere, Jordan shirts on every fan of his, it’s like they already know he is going to win every game he has to play. JORDAN! JORDAN! JORDAN! The fans screaming his name, and he never lets them down. He dribbles the ball from the beginning of the court to the end of the court, and then he slam dunks it!

Losing was never a choice for Jordan, winning was his only option. When he enters the court its like his teamates know what play they have to make just by looking at MJ. Running down the court with the sweat dripping with every step he takes, he leaves fans and opponents going crazy. His opponents watch him play amazingly on the court and their championship dreams get shattered. He is the heart of a champion!

Slam dunks and three- foot jumps are what you see when you watch Air Jordan play some ball. The court lights follow no one but number Twenty- three, a red and white jersey on. His patented jumps and his unbelievable moves are what make him the player he is.