Michel Et Augustin Essay

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Michel et Augustin Cookies: Culinary Adventures Competing Against Food Giants 1. The Market French cookie market is an established market with a lot of strong brands. There are several key characteristics of the market, which is essential for the development of Michel et Augustin Cookies: * Growth of French cookie market is driven by a rising interest in quality rather than increasing volume. * Due to increasing returns to scale, undifferentiated small players have lower chances to compete with larger firms. * Artisanal confectionery products like pastries, traditional treats and macaron are dividing customer attention. * Main distribution channel is major retailers, amassing 75.1% of all cookies sold, creating …show more content…
In Figure 2, we see that there are strong improvements on high fiber, private label, organic, no preservatives, no artificial colors, no cholesterol, and no artificial flavors. Apart from perhaps private label, these increases in demand can help the company create a product that is healthy, organic, and contains no artificial ingredients. They might as well choose to enter into private label production, which would be a less likely option. In addition to those, we see that there’s a trend Bio range cookies in the market. For the availability of Michael at Augustin products, it seems a better option for them to take smaller and elite venues, as well as some venues that is accessible by all of the public. Restaurants, cafes, delicatessens, organic stores, and their already existing channel of sandwich shops would be the venues. Since the company has relatively higher prices, those venues can match the demand with supply, as well as creating a marketing opportunity for much lesser cost. 3. Marketing In Three Questions You Need To Ask About Your Brand (2002), Kevin Lane Keller, Brian Sternthal and Alice Tybout, they state that a new brand needs to establish minimum requirements, points of parity that exhibits their presence and credibility in the market. Michael et Augustin has to establish some sort of key qualities, such as tastiness, freshness and so on, to prove that they deserve a place in the market