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Michelangelo Michelangelo di LIodovico Buonarroti Simoni is one of the most enthused originators of the Italian High Renaissance. Throughout history his art has been admired making him one of the most famous artists of all times. He was an influential man of art, as a sculptor, architect, painter, and poet. His significant artistic role made him one of the most recognized men in the renaissance era. Scrutinizing all the people that had a pronounced inspiration on Michelangelo bringing out the great artist we know today. At the age of thirteen Michelangelo became an apprentice in Domenico Ghirlandaio studio in Florence (Bradbury). Being Domenici’s apprentice allowed him to learn fresco painting and he unexpectedly began to draw; imitating Giotto, Masaccio, and Schongauer, great painters of the Early Renaissances. In 1489 Domenico was asked for his best student by Lorenzo de’ Medici “The Magnificent” and he referred Michelangelo. During this time Michelangelo was able to study in the school of sculpture by Bertoldo di Giovanni one of Donatello’s former students (Gietmann ). Another person that influenced Michelangelo was Politian, a poet. When Michelangelo was acquaint with to the Medici court, new aspects of art where made known to him. One of them involved the garden of the Medici family, in this garden Classical sculptures where contained (Bradbury). When he saw the artistic pieces he attempted to duplicate them with clay and in other occasions by drawing them. When Michelangelo created the Madonna of the Steps in 1491, this is when he exhibited his uniqueness as an artist in sculpture. This sculpture with its marble bas-relief is an illustration of a tranquil and passive atmosphere allowing his form of tenderness to be viewed (Gietmann ). During the same time period he designed the Madonna Michelangelo also made, Battle with the Centaurs and three other sculptures for the tomb of Saint Dominic in Bologna showing his great artistic works. The statuette of the angle and the two saints where Michelangelo’s first works of sculpture. In 1996-97 he projected his first appointed sculpture of pagan god Bacchus (Bradbury). This sculpture revealed in a drunken state, this is one out of two statuaries that made him be recognized in the world of art. The classical style masterpiece had ethical content and eccentric. The other art piece was the Pieta an early work of art of emotional supremacy and detail. This sculpture is showing the Virgin Mary miserably contemplating the body of her son Jesus Christ which she holds on her lap, but showing absolutely no grief in her facial expression, holding Christ’s “lifeless body” portrayed in such a supple manner (Elam). The art piece that Michelangelo is most famous for is probably that of David. This statue transports the brave vitality of the male nude. This is definitely anti-classical, the statues astounding masculine anatomy bringing out the veins on the hand on the sculpture. Michelangelo is also able to captures the facial expression of thought that the hero has when he is trying to determine how he will protect this society from the giant (Bradbury). The Galleria Della Academia is where the statue of David stands today. In 1505 the Pope Julius II asked Michelangelo to go to Rome, there he designed his tomb (Bradbury). This was to be a tribute to Pope Julius II and it was to be completed in five years but ended up taking a period of forty years to be finalized. When Michelangelo fist made the project he was to construct 40 statures but only ended up doing only 4 of them. The 4 that he created include Moses, Rachel Leah and the pope himself although it is argued whether the pope statue was really a design of Michelangelo (Ruggirello). In the popes tomb the Moses in all its magnificence may be the most extraordinary statue. In many things that he was asked to do by the pope he became diverted, while still being commissioned by the Pope Julius II