Michelle Attitude Essay

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Adrianna Davis
January 18,2012

Conflict Dialogue
Lauren and Michelle go to the same school. Lauren’s locker is above Michelle’s locker so they have to wait until one person leaves so the other person can go to their locker.One day, Lauren was at her locker and a bunch of friends were there. There are four minutes to get to class and Lauren spent three minutes of the passing period at her locker.
Michelle was getting very impatient. The arguments started.

Michelle:” You are taking too long. It doesn’t take three minutes to get your books and got to your class.”
Lauren:” Well sorry, I was having a conversation with my friends and I think you need to wait patiently.” (Giving Michelle attitude)
Michelle:”I need to get to my locker and get to my class.”
Lauren:”Well you're just going to have to wait.”
Michelle:”Move away from the locker!!!”(Shouting at Lauren)
Lauren:” You know what just for that I’m going to make you late to class by standing at the locker.”
Michelle:”Wait, I am sorry I should have spoke to you the right way. I am just in a hurry to class.” She realized that speaking to her the first time when she was getting to her her locker was not in the right tone that she was using it in.
Lauren:”Hey, I’m sorry too. You can go to your locker.”
The bell rings and they are already late to class.But the two girls figured out a solution to never let this happen again.
Michelle: “ How about this, we can spend only one minute at our locker and then head to