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Individual Work

1) What is the difference between deflagration and detonation? Deflagration is thermal processes that proceed radially outward in all directions through the ignition source. The oxygen mixes with the fuel and generates energy. Detonation is different. Detonation is still chemically an oxidation reaction it doesn’t involve an oxygen combination. It involves only special chemically unstable molecules. When they are energized they instantaneously split into small pieces that recombine into different chemicals.

2a) What is the difference between low explosives and high explosives? b) What are the most widely used low explosives? a) Low explosives are mostly solid combustible materials that decompose rapidly but do not normally detonate. That is known as deflagration. High explosives are characterized by the extreme rapidity with which its decomposition occurs. It’s also known as detonation. Pure compound or mixture of several compounds performance characteristics.
b) The most widely used low explosives are black powder and smokeless powder.

3a) What are two classes of high explosives? b) What is the difference between the two classes? a) The two classes are primary and secondary explosives. b) Primary is easily detonated by heat, shock or friction. Whereas secondary is not. It is insensitive to heat, shock or friction.

4) List three procedures commonly used as screening tests for explosive residues. The three tests are thin-layered