Essay on Michelle: Truth and American Population Wal-mart

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For the most part of the American population Wal-Mart have become their second home, due to the fact that they find everything at anytime there. The facilities Wal-Mart have brought into many people life’s are extraordinary but they do not see the negative part of it. In order to give more “ facilities” and win more money, they treat their employees in a very rude and cruel way. The immorality that bosses have on employees is a great injustice since they do not get what they deserve and they do not have the treatment they should have. Society was born to the idea that Wal-Mart is the best way to save money and time; they have everything they need in Wal-Mart, which I personally find it ironic. Once I went to Wal-Mart I was supposed to buy just one notebook and I ended buying more than a notebook, I spent more time and obviously more money too. So, I find the stereotype people have of Wal-Mart ironic, since people always get more than they need and they without notice it lost more money. All the money we spend there goes directly to support the unfairness and injustice Wal-Mart have with their employees. The benefits Wal-Mart employees have, are non. They do not have any attention and the treatment they deserve has never existed. The luck of respect to this people have being growing each day, and the only reason why they do not say anything about it is because they need the money to support their families, in other words they need the money to eat. According to Karen Olsson the author of the article “ Up Against Wal-Mart” the employees of Wal-Mart employees have been degraded to such extremes to silence the truth simply to earn the minimum rate of money in order to survive. Personally, I…