Mick Foley and Soccer Essay example

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It is with Deep sadness that I send you this heartfelt note. I’ve played soccer my entire like from the time I was able to walk. I love the game and love being on that field. It takes a Huge Sacrifice of time and commitment to sit the bench and still come to practice and to the games. We lose and are down 5 to nothing and you feel I’m not even worth putting in the game. I just don’t understand. I want to ask to go into the game but feel you are the coach and I have so much respect for you I don’t want to go against your judgment. You know whets best for our team . From the time I started playing in 9th grade I could not wait to sign and cheer with the Varsity team. This has turned out to be the most disappointing and self destructing season of soccer I have ever experienced in my entire Life. I wanted to be a part of something bigger and thought you as a coach wanted to bring the best out in every player. Soccer gave me have a since of belonging making lifelong friends that will always support each other. I feel that because of what I have experienced with very little feed back other than you sitting me on the bench there is no need for me to continue to follow my dream of playing soccer at south. This has truly made me lose any confidence of maybe one day I would be good enough. I cant just be happy being on the team. I’ve watched my team lose and you as a coach do not believe in me enough to give me a chance. I really hope the girls you have so much…