Essay on Mickey's Story: Interesting and Unpredictable

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Shelter 12/12/2012

This book isn’t your typical love story, or really much of a love story at all, just a 15 year old boy trying to find the truth of what he loves. One day on the way to Mickey’s basketball game, an oncoming vehicle suddenly strikes him and his father; when the paramedic pulled him out of the car she gave him a look like his life will never be the same and she was so right! When his mom wanted to start fresh and move to a different town, he met a girl named Ashlee it was all good while it lasted, for a bought a week until she goes missing without a trace no witnesses, no missing reports just gone this doesn’t sit right with Mickey and he wants to find out where Ashlee went, so he meets a kid named spoon the school janitors son, with his help Mickey found out secrets nobody would have excepted. With the death of his dad still haunting him, Mickey was walking to school one day and noticed an old woman named “The Bat Lady” standing at her doorway staring at Mickey and she said that his father was still alive but with this information it won’t come easy and is it true of what Mickey finds out?
With Mickey’s mother in rehab and living with his uncle Myron will he ever make it through the challenges that wait for him to come?

I thought the book was very well written and really drew the reader in at the topic at hand, what I thought what was very interesting with the book is that you could not predict what was going to