Essay on Micro Business Challenges in Sub Saharan Africa

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Regional Manager
Dedicated and technically skilled business professional with a versatile administrative support skill set developed through experience as a Regional Manager, District Manager, District Collector and Accountant.
Key Skills Office ManagementTeambuilding & SupervisionStaff Development & TrainingPolicies & Procedures Manuals | Report & Document PreparationSpreadsheet & Database CreationAccounts Payable/ReceivableBookkeeping & Payroll | Records ManagementMeeting & Event PlanningInventory ManagementExpense Reduction |
Duties and Responsibilities * Develop customer invoices and statements. Provide in-depth analysis of accounts and make recommendations to Management to settle clearing accounts. * Follow up on reports and provides feedback. Checking /reviewing the completeness /accuracy of a variety of financial records and documents. * Entering billing information and adjustments. Ensuring adequate supporting documentation is collected and maintained. * Consult with EMS Operations to resolve service-related billing and collection matters. * Regularly review and maintain an inventory of overdue receivable accounts to ensure that they are handled on a timely basis and collection methods are completed as per policy and procedures. * Contact delinquent account holders and follow-up with customers to establish payment or negotiate payment plans including the collection agencies. * Provide skip-tracing functions, research, and collect billing information on returned mail and locate the debtors using a variety of internal and external databases. * Providing revenue receipting and depositing services to external and internal customers. * Review accounting transactions to locate and resolve discrepancies. * Review the non-compliance report for delinquent accounts. * Track the value and volume of accounts submitted for write-off - Perform various AR sub ledger reconciliations at month-end against the General Ledger. * Reconcile clearing accounts against the General Ledger to ensure payments have been processed and cleared. * Obtain required monthly reporting from other departments and prepare the journal entry for allowance for doubtful accounts. * Reconcile the allowance for doubtful accounts at month end. Assist managers with various requests and projects. * Projects may include one off reporting, process audits of the AR function or assisting with other management projects in a support capacity. * Ensured that all Region objectives and financial targets were met. Identified analyzed, formulated solutions and solved issues independently as it relates to district/branch operations and financial statements. * Ensured bad debt targets for the Region were achieved. Implemented action plans to correct any shortfalls that result in missing financial targets. * Took disciplinary action in a timely manner when required, informing the VP and Human Resource Manager prior to initiating any action. * Conducted weekly Manager Meetings in order to communicate company strategies. * Continually evaluated policies and procedures including training and provided feedback and new innovative ideas to enhance efficiencies and company growth. * Processed payroll on a bi-weekly basis. * Hired, trained and terminated employees. * Maintained and developed HR policies, ensuring compliance and to contribute the development of corporate HR policies. * Ensure adherence to corporate guideline on salary adjustments and promotions. * Conducted bi-weekly site visits. * Ensured that all district objectives and financial targets were met. * Monitored