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Hypothesis: The starch and water level will rise as the water particles would have entered the dialysis bag, the iodine will have become clear and the starch filled bag will be white.

1 plastic baggie
Corn starch
Tap water
Twist tie or rubber band
Clear drinking glass

Research Question:
What is the difference between osmosis and diffusion?

Experimental Procedure:
1. Place ½ cup of water and 1 tsp of corn starch into the baggie.
2. Seal the baggie and also place the twist tie or rubber band on it as an extra security measure.
3. Fill your drinking glass half full with tap water.
4. Place 8 - 12 drops of iodine in the water.
5. Place the baggie with the corn starch solution in the glass with the iodine solution. Make sure the corn starch solution is submerged in the iodine solution.
6. Wait 15-20 minutes.
7. Remove the baggie from the glass and place it on a paper towel. Do not unseal the baggie.
8. What do you notice about the color of the two solutions?
9. Complete Table 1.

Beginning Color:

Ending Color:
Corn Starch Solution
White (cloudy)
Iodine Solution

Conclusion: My hypothesis was correct , the data suggests that not all things are able to pass through the membrane. The results are consistent with how the starch turned purple, that led to the conclusion that when iodine and starch come in contact they turn purple. It was apparent that the starch turned purple because when Iodine and Starch meet they make a purple color. As a result of the Iodine particles being small led to the conclusion that it was able to get through the semi-permeable. The process revealed that osmosis occurred in this experiment. The data indicates that not everything is able to diffused or enter in the cell because of the cell membrane. The…