Micro: Full-time and Self Awareness Exersice Essay

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For this exercise I chose my current organization U.P.S.
#1. My attitudes and feelings towards U.P.S are great, due to the fact that every morning we start our meetings with the phrase “safe by choice not by chance”. They care about their people and they let them know on a daily basis. I have these feelings partly because the few jobs I have carried I have never had an employer been more involved in their worker’s safety.
#2. My level of participation in my company is an 11. I give 110% every day because I see it in my boss and know that’s what is expected of me, and in turn that’s what I expect of my employees. Everyday, whether it is a safety activity or everyday work I am as involved as the next person. What UPS does to help maintain and grow their business is amazing. The culture changes everyday and it builds moral knowing the people you work for are willing to take chances to help build my future as well as their own.
#3. Every month my organization has meetings to go over our expectations for the month. Through daily and weekly updates they are able to tell us if we are on track to achieve our goals and if we are not on track what we needed to do to get there. The rewards are always there when we do a good job. Whether it consists of a hand shake or a pat on the back our good deeds never go unnoticed. We get yearly bonuses based on our overall numbers, and if we don’t hit our numbers, we would still get something showing their appreciation for our work. When our performance does not meet their standards they let us know first that it was not acceptable, but always show us where we went wrong and how to build on it while moving forward.
#4. U.P.S is very concerned with my well being. I am juggling a full time job, a part time job, and school. My manager is always asking me how things are going, and always letting me leave in time so I’m not late for my other job. This concern is reflected greatly. He does not have to let me leave early or ask how things are going. Just the mere fact that he is working with me when he does not have to is much appreciated, and more than appropriate.
#5. My supervisor always has a positive demeanor in both his private life and professional life, and comes to work everyday with a desire to accomplish the day’s task in a teamwork mindset. My boss is always smiling and making others happy. This positive outlook helps me concentrate on being the positive factor for my team’s day and helps their productivity go up. I have learned to