Microbes: Bacteria and Bacteria Good Bacteria Essay

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Good bacteria
Good bacteria is used to make various things.They are part of our regular diet.Unapatising right! It was revolting when you hear the process.They use it to make custard,yohgurt and calcium drink-except munch bunch.Munch Bunch uses bad bacteria to make there profit.
Bad bacteria
Bad bacteria is IRRESTIBLE and it make you want even more. The most dangerous one is the tilbis tolketa. Really confusing right,Scientist call it bightest kalterumata – even confusing.Bad bacteria is really unappitising. It looks like 3 hairy sticks join togther to make even more. Munch bunch is one of britains most dagerous drinks but the makers hold there ground.
All bacteria
All bacteria is made to help make frequnt produts.Maker have to be extremely qulifed to the job.Even the tolketa has a purpose,that purpose is to make blue vein cheese-which is delicous.I am just to notifie you,so dont kill the messenger.

The thought of not being able to kill infectious bacteria can be terrifying, especially during flu season. There is a problem arising among the microbes, they are forming resistance to antibiotics that are normally used to treat them in various infections. Microbe is very tiny form of life, which include bacteria, fungi, and protozoan parasites.
I was watching channel 48 news, Saturday night when the broadcast came on about scientist have been studying the result of Acetaminophen found in products like Tylenol, when treating fevers in children with asthma. They are conducting more studies, but they have found that the over the counter medication is not effective in treating the fever. The microbes are creating a resistance to the Tylenol mostly with children who have asthma. The scientist…